What's New

Exciting events have transpired! Life has a way of never standing still, never stagnating. Firstly, my second book, 'Champions of Women's Rights' is due out end of this month. It is part of the Amazing Stories series, of true Canadian events and personalities. Here is a snapshot of the book:

Champions of Women Rights


And a bit of background:

From the mid 1800s to the 1920s when women had few civil rights in Canada, pioneering women activists made their presence strongly felt in political life and achieved important early gains. These stories of Canadian women who challenged the establishment and paved the way for greater equality are compelling.

We may know of the Famous Five, honoured with a statue on Parliament Hill, who agitated for the vote for women, but there were many others. In the fields of politics, medicine, agriculture, trade unions and education, women like Lea Roback, Charlotte Whitton, Anna Leonowens and Emily Stowe showed everyone that it was no longer a man's world. Their stories are told in this lively book.

Amazing Stories offer fascinating and informative insights into Canada's past. They are brief reads, focusing on the entertaining side of Canadiana, making our history more accessible and engaging for the lay person or younger reader.

I am busy with the marketing and promotion of the book. These days it is essential, so I've been told, that the author takes an active role in marketing efforts. The days when authors just wrote, have gone with the wind!

I've joined an organization called the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (http://www.scbwicanada.org/east/ ) and hope to make some progress with my forthcoming books.

Just received news that my Champions book has been selected as a prize to be given away to a student at the upcoming Secondary Schools' United Nations Symposium to be held in Montreal this November!