From Moushumi

"Updating you on what I'm working on at the moment. Since historical fiction, biography and youth claim my interest, I am allowing ideas combining all three to percolate in my consciousness. Psychologists say the creative process is a terribly complicated one, involving the right and left parts of the brain.

I say, let well alone. I am grateful to have the seeds of creativity in me. Analyzing and taking it apart will destroy the magic. My motto is - just write. Though it's hard to stay motivated, a writer must remain true to herself. These days, with the instant gratification culture taking over our world, old time values involving discipline, time and doing something without the hope of 'achieving', or getting something out of it, seems to be disappearing sadly.

The writing process is different for all writers. Some have elaborate rituals and some just write. I'm in the middle. Feedback is my spur. When you create something, it is natural to expect that someone gives their time and thought to it. So feel free to get back to me. I'd love to hear from you.

I am working on my foray into YA fiction. I am about 70 percent done on the first draft. This summer I intend to finish it and find a home for it. "