Moushumi Chakrabarty grew up in Pune, India in the mid-1960s. She remembers it as a magical time. There were more trees, magenta bougainvillea sprouted from stone walls encircling 'housing societies' and the corner store sold black-and-white striped candy called bulls eye. Cloudy afternoons with fat black plums (known locally as 'jamun') curled up on the sofa, immersed in 'Great Expectations', is one of her earliest memories. After school, she enrolled as a student of Literature.

She frequently became breathless with admiration at Keats' poetry, and also devoured DH Lawrence's novels at intervals. She did delve into theories of Economics and Psychology, but it was always the English Lit class which claimed her heart.

Degrees and bylines later, in the golden deserts of Bahrain, she discovered herself standing at the edge of a revolution. It was the 80s and early 90s and the Internet had arrived. Overnight it seemed as if the world had shrunk to touching distance. It remains that way. Currently, Moushumi lives in Ontario, Canada with her family and friends.